U can find me here in Yogya

There's no ending if I talk about Yogya. Everything in Yogya is always in my heart. It doesn't mean I don;t love my hometown, but Yogya is really leaving a big and deep footprint in my heart and I can never ever erase it.
It's the city where I begun to learn about life and love. I;m really desperately to go back there. And because of my crazyness to Yogya, I ever went there just for 1 day, eventhough it;s very exhausted me (because the trip time was longer than my time staying in Yogya).

In a favorite city, there must be always the favorite places :) So do I. Many places taht always remind me of Yogya and everytime I have time in Yogya, I never miss these places. So,,,u can find me in the places below :) :

  • FRAPPIO (Babarsari Street)

This place is the most fav place for me. Never miss it eventhough i just come to Yogya for a day. Why?? perhaps because this place is me (?). Haha...I mean the place, the menu, athmosphere, music, are all about me. I spent much time here with my bestfriend Nurul and my Luph. I can say that this place is ours :). fav menu : Frappe (this is the 1st menu I tried and it's the best for whole time, unfortunatelly it's deleted from the menu list now), Hazelnut Latte, Zupa Soup (better than Pizza HUt's I think), Banana Split, Lasagna and Spagetthie. For Noe+Ndut, always missing the time we spent here....T_T

  • TOGA MAS (Affandi Street or Galeria Mall)

The fav book store in town :). Perhaps we are the weird couple, or he became weird because of me??, because we spent much time here, even on the Sat Nite (poor him, because our Sat Nites were very rare because I also divide my Sat Nite for my hunny Noe and other frens in Pandawa:P).
We can stay here for hours, looking for new books (it;s me) or reading ToyMags and other Otaku stuff (it;s him).  The best time of Toga Mas in Affandi Street is Djendelo Cafe on the upstairs of this store of course...unique cafe and unique menu list, they use some oldies movie title for menu ex: Guna-guna Istri MUda, Manusia Tanpa Cinta, Ranjang Ternoda (kalo ga salah :P), hehe. 

  • Pondok Cabe (Affandi Street or C.Simanjuntak st)

 This place is still being a fighting between me and Ndutz, we always fight to declare who is the inventor of this place (of course it;s me!!!), and no one want to defeat (very bad ...hehe)
Overall, this place is a right place to eat if u are hungry or even starving. A lot of menu u can find here, from the light till the heaviest ^_^. In the time u go alone, couple, or even family time (because I experienced coming here alone, with a friend, with friends, couple, my family and his family, hohoho). Favorite menu : ofcourse Nasi Bakar, Empal Gepuk Xtra Pedas, Ayam Bakarnya juga enak, Bawal bakarnya juga, hehe, Mie Godoknya juga, and also Teh Tarik, Es Dawet (never try the Iga BAkar, because u'll be disappointed...hehe) place is a very hidden unique place. Louvy Noe...thanks to recomended this place. I know this place is becaused of my Noe, who is excatly same with me in trying cullinary obsessed :P. The minus thing of this place just the space, it;s too narrow for me, furthermore if u come at the meal's the BIG NO. I had disappointed for many times caused of this case. But the sacrificing in waiting and grumbling is worthed when the PIZZA is ready.....:D
Of course the special menu of this place is PIZZA,,,,I prefer to this pizza than P***A H*T. More original and special. Come here with ur special person will make it more speciallll (lebayyy MODE ON ...hehe). The other fav menu you should try is Fried Cheese...yummy :). And's better coming earlier than the meal time. 

At NAnamia PIzzeria

  • Addicted (Affandi Street )

Eventhough I dnt come here as often I do in Frappio, but this place is also cozy place to come, the taste of the coffee is different with Frappio's. And if u really need privacy place for having some coffee, I suggest this place.My Ndutz still have owe to threat me in this place...hehe (cant; wait for that Ndut....). My fav here : Blackforest Coffee (actually I rather doubt about the 'rum' they use for this kind of coffee, hope it alcohol free...he)

  • Surabi (forgot the name of the street, from Jl,Solo if u find the Sinar Mas Car Insurance turn left then u'll find it ^^ )

This is my fav Serabi place...more than Serabi Solo....because this place offering differen kind of Serabi. I can choose anykind I like, not just the common topping on serabi. I can choose cheese, choocolate, peanuts, many kind of jams, egg, sosis, cornet, tempe, etc. My fav is combination of cheese,chocolate and banana (YUMMY)

  • Kedai Sapi (Tamsis Street or AmPlaz)

I found (or the truth is we found) this place in cullinary book that we bought to fullfill our cullinary obsession. And from the many places offering in that book, it's only few places remain to be visited. The others???OOOwww...we have visited before buying the book infact....hahahaha...
I like this place alotz, especially the quality, quantity, and price...not disappointed at all. Low price, good quantity, best quality. I celebrated last birtday of mine here. The fav menu of course Iga Bakar. They have other menus, but if iga bakar is available, i don't want to look others. In the last visit to Yogya days ago, I didn;t have such big lucky here, the Iga Bakar was out and I tried new menu and I forgot that name!!!!haha.

  • CowMad (near UGM,Jl. Palagan No 38 B)

"Warungnya penggila sapi" that's the motto of this place. And because I'm a Food Mad..this place is ok for me ..LOL. I found this place accidentally. It just becaused of a disorientation of route (my main weakness), the main destination that was a DVD rental forgotten, replaced by this CowMAd. As it;s name, whole menus here are about cow, don;t worry...the taste will satisfy u. And also the them. But the price here is higher than the other places (especially for my budget when I was a university's student ^^), for me, it's worthed with the place and taste. And for a couple???Hm...this is the nice place for having romantism. 
Ndutz,,,u owe me here righttt???

  • Kindai (Jembatan Merah street)

Kindai, the place where I spent most of my breakfast or lunch time when I was student in UPN Yogya. This is the Banjar Specialist food. You can find Nasi Kuning, Soto Banjar, Sate Banjar, Ayam Panggang,etc. All about Banjar's food. On the meal time...this place is very crowded...:). I can't decide which one is my fav...I love them all....

  • Pump It Up coRneR (Ambarukmo Plaza or Galeria)

This is what I;m addicted in, still obsessed to get the higher level. Unfortunatelly, the location where I;m staying now doesn;t support my obsession at all. I can;t find Pump It Up at any mall in Palembang (sucks). How terrible ,,,,in a big city like Palembang doesn;t have this game station in it;s malls. It's available in why "no" in Palembang????.  I played this game everytime I came to the mall when I was in Yogya. So...very desperate now T___T. 

last time doing this moving

Finally, there are still some places whre you can find me in Yogya, but I'm quite sleepy let the rest keep hanging in my mind and I still have places to hide from you in Yogya ;). So...let;s meet at those place above in Yogya......

Want More GLEE

Let's see the more GLee. kayaknya kata2 yang disampaikan setiap akan iklan itu tepat, coz setelah memulai nonton, ooow...i want more GLEE. Serial TV series yang baru ditayangkan di STAR WORLD setiap Rabu malam jam 20.00 ini, benar-benar menarik, walaupun tema yang diangkat sebetulnya merupakan tema umum untuk film-film, tapi TV series yang satu ini benar-benar sayang untuk dilewatkan.

Kisahnya bersetting di sebuah SMA tentang sebuah Glee Club yang diaktifkan kembali oleh seorang guru bernama Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison) yang merupakan Golden boy saat dia SMA

setelah sekian lama nonaktif dan pudar masa kejayaannya dengan istri yang tidak mau memahami mimpi2nya. Dan tentu saja yang masuk klub ini (yang diberi nama NEW DIRECTION) adalah mereka yang berbakat di bidang tarik suara, namun sayangnya semua anggotanya adalah losers di sekolah tersebut . Ada Mercedes Jones (Amber Riley) yang berkulit hitam, Kurt Hummel (Chris Colfer) yang gay, Tina Cohen-Chang (Jenna Ushkowitz) si asia yang stutter, Artie Abrams (Kevin McHale) yang lumpuh di kursi rodanya, dan terakhir Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) gadis annoying yang pengen banget jadi terkenal ^^ 

dengan 2 ayah homo (hehe). Sampai kemudian Mr.Will dapat masukan  ide dimana untuk merekrut lebih banyak anggota haruslah merekrut siswa yang populer di sekolah tersebut terlebih dahulu. Untuk para siswi populer pastilah mereka yang menjadi anggota Cheerios yang dilatih oleh Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch), ibu guru yang luar biasa "macho"

, dan selalu saja mengusili Mr.Will. Jadi udah ga mungkin deh, lagipula yang dicari male lead vocal, jadilah Mr.Will berusaha merekrut para siswa populer yang pastinya tergabung dalam club American Football. Bisa ketebak, mana ada sih yang mau masuk club loser begitu, sampai akhirnya Mr.Will menyadari bahwa leadernya Football club ini sendiri yaitu Finn Hudson (Cory Monteith) memiliki vokal yang luar biasa. Mr.Will pun akhirnya nekat merekrut Finn secara "paksa" dengan menuduhnya menyembunyikan narkoba (padahal narkobanya diperoleh dari mantan Pelatih Glee Club yang beralih jadi bandar narkoba.:P), si Finn pun akhirnya bersedia ikut Glee Club asal dia tidak diadukan (padahal yg paling lega sebenernya Mr.Will ^^). Mulai dari sini Glee club mulai ada harapan,karena walaupun sempat ragu dan terhalang, si Finn akhirnya gabung dengan Glee Club (oow...Finn gantenggg :P).

 Jadi dimulailah Glee Club dengan anggota-anggota mereka yang unik. Sampai sini aja eps 1 nya ya, kita tunggu en nonton bareng-bareng minggu depan.hehehe.

 Kalau suka High School Musical, pasti suka TV series ini, karena series ini juga bergenre drama musical, hanya saja kalau di High School Musical kadang kita menemukan kelebaian-kelebaian yang ga penting, di drama series ini beda...mungkin bisa dianggap series ini lebih berbobot dan mengandung pesan moral yang disisipkan di ceritanya :). Anyway ..untuk eps 1 ini ..I love this series...

Weekend pertama di Januari 2010

Sudah 2010.
Awal tahun ini jatuh di ujung minggu. Apa yang q lakukan mengawali tahun ini...bahkan membuat resolusi pun tidak. Ada apa....Q merasa tidak menikmati hidup seutuhnya. Merasa tahun-tahun dulu yang sudah berlalu lebih membuatq merasa kalau hidup itu indah. Merasa benar-benar menjadi diri q seutuhnya. 

Long weekend kata orang-orang awal tahun ini. Weekend...saat-saat yang membahagiakan dalam hidupq sekarang. Weekend di awal tahun ini, q menonton drama seri korea...gila...2 hari...28 episode (tentu saja tetap dengan adegan nangis2nya...hehe). Tapi puas. Rumah kosong, semua orang pergi merayakan libur dengan bepergian, tapi q hanya dengan seperti ini merasa benar-benar bahagia..sendiri...nonton.,,capek nonton jalan keluar, sempat diinterupsi oleh teman 1 kantor yang menyuruh ke kantor buat ngambil data, en ternyata setelah ke sana malah ga bisa karena kunci kantor ga ada...uuurgh..bolak balik ke security...tapi tetap ga ada (maaf fren...padahal itu terkait hidup matimu ya...hehe..I've tried my best), akhirnya karena udah terlanjur keluar dari sarang, memutuskan langsung jalan, masuk ke pasar inpres, ga jelas apa yang dicari, cuma pengen jalan aja, malah nanya2 harga bantal (?) he. Setelah itu ide service motor muncul..kesanalah tujuan berikutnya, selain service motor ternyata juga service hati menahan kesabaran akibat ulah customer servicenya yang ga menyenangkan (uurgh...dendam...udah niat mau lapor ke Pelayanan Konsumen:P). Finally...back home...don't coffee and bakso...siap menemani q melanjutkanq ke epsiode berikutnya. Tepat pukul 18.00...THE END...puassss.

And today...last day of my long weekend...diisi dengan penantian panjang dan ga jelas. Apakah pergi atau tidak. Q udah bangun dari subuh, mandi subuh2, kirain mau dijemput jam segitu, ternyata ga da kabar berita. "BINGUNG" . Mau pergi takut dijemput..di rumah mau ngapain ga tau takut2 tiba2 dijemput..."CONFUSED". Help me...please...give me answer....

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