Ayeaaayyy...How long i left my blog behind >,<

The rush and hectic of my jobs is described by the posting I;ve made on blogger.
And u see hectic I;m. hahaha.

Actually, the last time I stayed in Prabu, i promised my self to write a posting how I feel leaving Prabu and become a part of Jakarta's craziness. But ya, Jakarta indeed crazy and blowing me away from many routinity of my life.

And now, among the mudik athmosphere, I can have my own time while waiting the plane to give a trace to my blog that I;m still alive. My way headed to airport was amazing, the taxi was late to pick me up, the taxi bring me through Pasar Minggu street which is always traffic usually (but not today), the tire leaked and he must stop to change the tire, but we arrived at the airport less from 1 hour. OMG, It's amazing taxi journey.

Mudik nowww. Surakarta's time :)

Map of My Trips

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