Indonesia Bisa

"Jika kalian tidak bisa mendukung kami saat kami kalah, Jangan pernah bersorak ketika   kami menang"

Quote di atas adalah quote dari Ferdinand Sinaga, salah satu pemain Garuda Muda kita. Menurut saya quote tersebut benar-benar dalam. Pertandingan sudah usai, bukan berarti dukungan kita selesai. Kita memang kalah, tapi kalah secara terhormat kan? Para pemain sudah berusaha mati-matian berjuang.

Tapi yg mau saya bahas disini adalah bentuk dukungan kita. Saya salut dengan nasionalisme kita dalam banyak hal. Tetapi kenapa kita hrus merusak hal besar itu dengan hal-hal yang tidak terhormat. Saya sedih melihat status beberapa orang yang menulis Ganyang Malaysia atau hal-hal lain yang terlalu kasar menurut saya. Kalau kita mendukung tim kita, kenapa tidak tulis saja dukungan kita berupa hal hal positif yang mendukung Indonesia. Hal seperti itu menurut sy hanya menimbulkan efek jangka panjang yg tidak baik dlm hubungan kita Indonesia dan Malaysia.

Setelah acara final td malam sy sedih melihat status FB teman Malaysia sy yg menulis Malaysia Champion, Indon Sucks. *take a deep breath for while*. Look....jika kita kedua belah pihak seperti ini terus..where is the ending??? Its an evil circle. Cobalah kita melihat dari sisi objektif, mungkn ada hal-hal yang membuat kita sebel dengan msia, tapi pasti ada hal yang membuat Msia sebel dengan kita kan? Dan apakah itu kesalahan orang Msia sepenuhnya? We cant judge people so easy. We are neighborhood countries, Sea Games is for friendship, so let!s be neighbor and friend!!!

So let's give a fair support. Berdirilah ketika lagu kebangsaan mereka dikumandangkan, sambil ikut bersenadung jg boleh kalau tau lagunya (fyi, sy hafal lagu Negaraku itu, bukan berarti sy ga cinta Indonesia Raya kan?), no lip's curling, no sarcastic words, or cynical gazing. It`S a sport.soooo be sportif :-). Pasti bakalan ada yang protes sy en bilang "orang msia jg jelekin indo kok!!!", Owwww...kenapa itu harus jadi masalah, mulailah dari diri sendiri, kita tunjukkan kalau Indonesia Bisa, mereka juga pasti akan menunjukkan bahwa Malaysia Boleh. 

*tulisan ini saya buat  di pagi hari setelah tadi malamnya menyaksikan final SEAGAMES
dan ketika bangun tidur mendapat bbm dari teman Msia sy yg menulis Maaf, kita menang lagi. Garuda kalah oleh Harimau Malaya. Lalu saya membaca status FB nya :(


 Saya menerima 5 undangan untuk pernikahan di tanggal cantik tersebut. Dan semuanya dari temen seangkatan saya...hehehe. Wow. I;m so happy for them honestly. Lucky them, bisa merayakan momen terindah di tanggal yang indah. Bahkan kabarnya sampe 1000 pasangan yang menikah di Jakarta di tanggal tersebut. Walau di beberapa artikel yang saya baca ada beberapa yang cenderung memandang skeptis orang-orang yang memaksakan menikah di tanggal tersebut. Bahkan ada yang sampai membahas bahwa dari fengshui saja itu bukan tanggal yang baik buat menikah.

 Menurut saya sendiri, what;s wrong with that??!!! Biarkan sajalah orang hidup dalam keindahan fikiran mereka. Itu memang tanggal yang sangat cantik memang ..triple 11. Sempat jadi dream date of mine untuk tanggal nikahan, tapi ga jadi, hehehe. Karena pada dasarnya menurut saya dan alhamdulillah keluarga saya dan dia pun begitu, tidak ada tanggal yang baik ataupun buruk. Semuanya baik sepanjang kita menjalaninya dengan baik. Ada masalah yang datang dalam hidup kita bukan karena tanggalnya tidak baik, tapi karena di dalam hidup ini memang tidak mungkin semuanya berjalan dengan baik. Even you are the good man in this life, u can get the bad things and moments. Karenanya saya masih heran dengan orang yang begitu susahnya menentukan tanggal sampai harus sesajen or berantem-berantem keluarga demi sesuatu yang disebut tanggal baik. Saya tidak bermaksud untuk menyinggung kepercayaan pihak tertentu atau SARA, hanya menyatakan keheranan saya saja.

So, just celebrate your happiest day on any date you think it;s good.  Ketika tanggal itu 111111, 121212, 131313 (how beautiful this number is, sygnya msh lama :P), dan pasangan tersebut bisa merayakan di tanggal tersebut, just celebrate it :). I also had been planning a beautiful date for us, without taken a long thinking..ahaa...surprised us..thanks for our beloved parents.

listening : Michael Buble - Quando Quando

When you are in Medan alone

After saw the statistic of my visitors, the conclusion is most of my visitor came to see my posting about my travelling. Then I think..why I dont write more about my travelling that i;ve done. Yeah...of course the first reason is The Lazy Thing :P. But now suddenly the mood is cooming and I must type this down at the moment.

I wanna share my travelling story in Medan :) one of city that I transited most, but visited rarely. It;s very suck isnt it when u came to a big city, saw the buildings, read about many interesting things there, but u couldnt come to even one stop.

And finally, the day for me has come *big smile*. I have time to explore this city, one of the most crowded city in Indonesia I think. The traffic condition?? Oh bad,,,haha...the becak motor is just like an evil vihicle which could come from anywhere and what if u are on it?? I did feel it.. interesting, it;s like I will got the accident anytime..hahaa..the tips is just hold the side handle tighly for ur safety ^_^. And the public transportation called "angkot" make it worst, they dont have any rule in driving I think. oooorrrggghh.

Actually that days, I planned to go to Berastagi, a plateau  near Medan, it;s about 2-3 hours from Medan. But the plan is gone because 3 people who promised to accompany me are gone (heyyy you 3 people...u owe me yaaa...).  So I must canceled the rented car and think where should I spent my days. It;s not qqie at all if I just wasted the time in hotel or mall, whereas I can go to other interesting places. So guys, google helped me lots, for u who is alone now in Medan, let's go out and you can say you have explored Medan :)

  • Tjong A Fie House

    Front Look of the House

     Before the day I went to the house, i didnt have any idea about this man and how big his influences in Medan. In fact, he is one of the founder of Medan. A chinese who begin from 10 dollars Manchu, sailing to Indonesia and become a great man who has very good interaction with the local people in Medan. 

    The house is unique, it has Chinese Room, Malay Room and Western Room. It shows that Chong A Fie is very concern about culture and humanity. If the guest is a Malay, so he will serve them in Malay Room. Interesting :). The house also has a hall for dancing if he held a celebration. It;s very easy to get the information about this house because when we pay the ticket, it's included for a guide, and the interesting part is we can use the ticket for a bookmarker (it;s important for me bcos I'm a bookworm :P)

    This house is in Jalan Ahmad Yani (Kesawan Area), I went there just by walk on foot because I stayed in Aston Medan Hotel. But the fool me, I went out of hotel too early, when I arrived at this house at 8 am, it was still closed. So I must went back at 10 am.Fyi, It's opened from 10 am - 4 pm. You can take many good pictures there especially if you love photography. 

    My favorite spot of the house

  • Tip Top Restaurant

    I was very happy when I found this restaurant, because I read a lot about this antique resto but dont know where it is. did I find this resto?? It's related to my story above, I came to early to the A fie House and it made me explore around the area. I found the resto just about 5-10 minutes walk from the house. I'ts a very simple resto but the the antique and oldies atmosphere is still around. And you know, most of the visitors are foreiners :). I just tasted the ice cream there because I just had breakfast before. It was good and I think I can just sit there and reading book because of the comfy sphere there.

  •  Istana Maemun

    After visited Chong A fie house, I continue my journey to the Maemun Palace or Istana Maemun. You can go there by becak motor and you need to pay Rp 10.000 only. 

    If Chong A fie is a Chinese side, so Maemun Palace is the Malay side. When I saw the interior of this place, it totally remind me to Keraton Sambas in my born land. It;s dominated yellow colour as malay colour and wooden based. There is hall of course, king;s room, throne and others palace things. The interesting part is you can take picture in Malay costume in this palace. Unfortunatelly, the manajement of the palace is not as good as in Chong A fie house, no guide availabe and the environment isnt neat and a bit dirty. By chance, they were doing some rnovation when I came. I had sad moment in this palace caused of my narchisme. I broke my digital camera here and I lost whole my photos  in this cam T___T (whole pics on this posting are from my blackberry)

     Masjid Raya Medan (Al Maksum Mosque)

    interior of the mosque

    If ur feet are still strong, never hesitate to accross the street from Maimun Palace to this mosque. This is the famous mosque in Medan. I arrived in this house accompanied by the rain and must stay for a long time inside. But I enjoyed it, because I could do pray here, as my target, praying in every mosque in every place I visit. 

    Mallzzzz :D

    Finally mall was in my list that day. Upss...yah,,,because u had very narrow option when it was 5 pm and the weather was not support u at all :D. 

    Medan has many malls or markets, you can go to the Sun Plaza, Palladium, Medan Plaza, Deli Plaza, etc. And I have visited every mall in Medan, not in one day of course (I visited Medan for few times after this alone journey, enough for me to explore the malls, LOL). And for u women, I love Sun Plaza because The Metro is held bazaar or Sale often *evilsmile*

    Merdeka Walk

    Yes...this is one of my fav corner in Medan, a corner where you can find varieties of foods. Lies just accross Aston Hotel, Merdeka Walk made your nite is brighter than just sleeping in the room. I also love this place because I can play my fav games here...of course Pump It Up!!!! So no need to go far far away when I need to play and exercise *grind*. My fav food here are : 

                                       Mayonaised Prawn                            Crab Noodles

    And last but not least, you can buy souvenir's T-Shirt here. Complete isnt it ;) 
  • Penangkaran Buaya Asam Kumbang (Crocodile Farm)
          I visited this place on the other days. Yah, my schedule was a bit disturbed by the rain, but it;s ok for        me. It's a bit difficult to find this place, u must pay fully attention in finding the location. Because you must enter a path from the main road. Just watching for the Gate;s sign Ă„SAM KUMBANG and there is crocodile;s painting on the gate. The entrance ticket is cheap, only Rp 5000,/pax, but infact you must pay again inside if you want to see the atraction of the crocodile. This farm is belong to personal owning, it;s not goverment. So, they lack of money for continuity of this farm. The real owner is Mr Lo ( I forgot his complete name), at the first he just collected and feeded the crocodiles for his hobby. By and by, it grows and become the largest number in the world. About the largest one, I had a doubt, because when I entered the place, it didnt reflect the "largest". Perhaps it becaused this place is not well taken care at all, the situation look slump and some spots are smelly bad. There is a very big pond or lake inside, I think most of the crocodiles hidden there,hehe.

             As an Indonesian, I feel shame about this situation. How the goverment doesnt give any attention to this potential place. Mr Lo has passed away years ago, this farm is managed by his family, it means the love or care is different from the real owner. Why the local govt doesnt offer a cooperation in manage the place. It;s better for the family and the region income I think because this place is included on the tourisme website of Medan Government. Hope they can improve this later. 

Sooo,,,when you are alone in Medan and nobody can accompany you and you dont have long time to go to Toba Lake, Simalem or Berastagi, you can do city tour just like me. U dont need any guide to go there, just asking people around in Medan, most of Medan people are very nice though their talking style is like people who is angry :P. 
Dont pay much when you can do the cheap trip ^____^. Ciaooo.

pS. Of course I;m still craping wanna visit Toba Lake, Simalem, Brastagi, and Tangkahan :P.
Just wait the time and chance, I know I can go there someday. *optimist...optimist*

Now listening the OST of Laskar Pelangi and also the sounds of the rain.
rain..rain..rain..always gives me inspiration to write.

    Map of My Trips

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