Julie and Julia

Yesterday I saw a movie..."Julie and Julia". Actually the main story of this movie is very interesting for me. But the exploring of the theme is very disappointed. The interesting point is became weak and disappear. Too flat.
This movie is about 2 womans Julia Child and Julie Powell. 
Julia Child : a woman that moving to France, a housewife who learn to cook France's Cooking. A very passsionate woman (I like the way she learn cooking in scenes, especially when she learns to chop the onion:P), and she decided to make a book of France's Cooking for American Women because she thinks that's very difficult to cook france food because most of the books are in French. 
Julie Powell : a woman in America, that is looking desperate about her life and "alive" since she begin to cook. She is  a big fan of Julia Child. She decided to cook whole recipes in Julia Child's Cooking Book and blogging it everyday. 524 recipes in a year.Very interesting.
In this movie...the two woman is appeared separately. Julia Child lives in France in 1940's (I forgot the exact time) where he type her book  Mastering the Art of French Cooking  by type machine and Ami Powell lives in  our time where blogging is became habit and laptop is a commont things.

This movie is based on 2 true stories. Combination of a book "My Life in France" an autobiography of Julia Child, who introduced France Cuisine to American public, and from a blogging of Julia CHild who cooked whole 524 recipes in 365 days from Julia Child''s Cooking book. And this blogging finally was released as book "Julie & amp; Julia: 365 Days, 524 Recipes, 1 Tiny Apartment Kitchen.

Interesting story isn;t it??? When I read the root of this movie..I was very interested. If this story is explored and improved better, I;m sure it will be a great movie.

Insomnia Amnesia

You're really an amnesia....or perhaps  u lost your mind...
This night when I think of you....I wanna loose my mind
This night is not rain....this night isn;t late yet....and even not November..
But.....I'm insomnia.....
Why you keep your amnesia and can make me insomnia....

Masumi Hayami

Since I read Garasu No Kamen (japan) aka Glass Mask (english) aka Topeng Kaca (indonesian), I've been falling love with this guy, "Masumi Hayami". Can;t deny it...he is so awesome. He seems so mean...but the big love hidden inside.Oh My God..hahaha...I'm falling in love with a comic character....I'm sure most of girls in this world ever feel it.

Actually it;s been a long time I don;t read that manga, exactly since I graduated from high school. Because I continue to the university that in the different island from home. But every holiday at home, I read it again and again...haha..sound crazy ya. And finally, I found the Dorama (screaming, yelling, shouting....because too happy ^_^). Long time I'was searching and then got it, watched it...Season1  and Season 2 ....unfortunatelly I can;t find the Special Ending series..T__T

But so far ...wacthing 2 season had ben satisfying my longing for it. And it emerging my love to hayami...hahaha. I begin to search anything about Masumi Hayami, and da da da...I found the figurine of him.....:).  And he accompanies me always in my room :)

Map of My Trips

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