The Blind Side

I just finished the movie after supper for fasting. Actually I begin the movie yesterday, but because of my busy things (tarawih prayer and watch Indonesia Mencari Bakat :P), I've to paused it while my heart says..hurry hurry..I want to finish the movie.

And after I finish this..oh no..from the beginning of this movie I;ve decided this is one of my fav movie. It was atracted me from the first. Tellling about a boy called Big Mike by people, living in bad area and caotic family, doesn;t know his dad, and he is a black skin boy.And a white couple, Tuohy couple adopted him and save him from the street.Believe his ability, give him an equality as their own children, and what the most inspired words from the movie is when people say about the boy that they have changed this boy:'s life, the Mrs Tuohys says back that is the boy who changed their life. This boy eventually become a great futball athlete.

The great thing of this movie is this is based on the true story, Michael Lewis; book. I'm really happy know about it. Knowing that there are still many people in this world care about other;s people life, whether they are in same races with us or not. Whether they are have same skin colour with us not. Whther they are in same religion or not. Family is a's life bond..not a blood bond. This movie is a movie you should not miss. I give 5 stars for this movie.

music i;m listening now : Jubing kristianto (Becak Fantasy Album) & Enya ...
waiting the office time on my bed.....

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