My Camera...hiks...

I left my DSLR at home in West Kalimantan and I'm totally regreting it now T___T
I'm on my field job in North Sumatra now, and fortunately I passed a lot of interesting targets to shoot.
And my being stimulated well this time is in the way ahead to Belawan would be great to see that famous port (in my mind),and I;m sure so many things wait to be captured.

Talking about my trip this time, this is not a trip for fun, but I;m happy I can eat durian here. Especially in Ucok Durian. Nothing could compared to Durian Medan, even Durian Kalimantan :D (though I;m a Kalimantanese). The taste,,,it;s so...uuuhhhfff,,,I love it. Never compare Durian Medan to Durian Prabumulih or Java..haahhahaha...too far. 

But still so sad..leaving my camera behind T___T *why they invented a heavy DSLR?? they *the inventor I mean* must find the lightest material for it, perhaps just like cellphone :D --> ratapan anak teraniaya karena kameranya berat.

CopY Cat

Kenapa tiba-tiba nulis tentang copy cat? Tema ini pernah ditulis sama miss Ida Prahasti ni, skligus dia nanya-nanya kenapa idiom ini muncul. Tanpa sengaja saya dapat jawabannya dan berhubung saya pernah mengalami (atau berkali-kali mengalami??), yah mending saya tulis dah sekaligus curcol.

Copy Cat ini merupakan idiom yang diberikan kepada kelakuan orang-orang yang suka niru orang lain. Yah, istilah lainnya sometimes this person is like having no original identity of him/her self. Orang kayak gini dia pengen kayak gini juga, orang kayak gitu pengen kayak gitu juga, orang beli apa pengennya beli apa juga which is basicly dia awalnya mungkin ga niat tapi tiba-tiba bilang sebetulnya dia dah lama banget pengen beli itu (lho,,orang itu barangnya baru keluar kok ya, kok bs dah lama pengen :P *sample*). Ya, I know, pabrik bikin barang secara massal, but ga mesti sama plek kan? atau beda cerita kalau memang sudah janjian dari awal untuk kembaran atau untuk barang yang memang harus sama atau bagusnya sama. Yah...ada case2 tertentu lah untuk hal itu. We can distinc it  by our selves. 

Trus kenapa dinamain copycat? Kenapa ga copy elephant aja seh, or copy chick :P. Ternyata idiom ini muncul karena kelakuan anak kucing yang selalu mengikuti kelakuan induknya. Induknya kemana aja, ngapain aja kalau ketauan sama anak kucing diikutin. Saya ga pernah ngamatin real time sih ya, tapi kita iya-iyain aja lah ya secara ni idiom dah eksis.hehehe.

So, for copy cat-ers, why dotn u be your self?? Everybody is special. Why we must become someone who we are not.  I hate Copy Cat-ers!!!!!! titik.

It's Time To Tab

Hi,,,if you are an Indonesian u must be already seen the advertisement of Samsung Galaxy Tab 7"+ recently . Yeah, the title of this posting is the key word of the gadget. "It's time to tab". It;s a very good ad, I like to see it and I wanna write about it :). I write this posting is not because I;m a kind of snobby out there, I just wanna share some tips for you the beginner of Android Tablet User, because I;m a beginner too.Let;s see some tips taken of foolishness i've done. That's why I dont write the spesification or tecnical aspect of the gadget, because you can find it anywhere and firstly you just can go to Samsung site,right...;)
  • To answer the phone u just need to slide the call
When I was in the shop, I checked everything of the tab and ofcourse I tested to call the number of my tab. But we cant answer it because how many times I touched it, no responds at all. Fool me ,,lol. If I'm fool, then the seller agent is fooler, because she didnt know either *what???!!!*. Yeaaa,,she didnt know, and we just got that simple way answering the call after I read the manual book there and her friend came. 

  • Be concern where you are and what service the provider can give you :P
I bought the gadget in Palembang, we can say it;s one of big city in Indonesia (hey...we just held Sea Games event last month here).  So..when I check the connection, it gave me a great strong connection, I can see H or 3G symbols all day long. But when I arrived at my home, it said NO CONNECTION. At all?? It annoyed me alot, new gadget and I couldnt explore it at all. So many questions appeared, many people asked, but I'm proud I can find the answer by my self. Dont forget to check whether u choose GPRS or WCDMA on your gadget. If you just choose WCDMA while the area is only GPRS available, never hope you can get the signal. 
Clue : Setting --> Mobille Network --> Network Mode --> choose the mode u want
Actually this is the same setting for common gadget include my mobille phone, yaaah, I was too fool to apply it to this tab aswell.

  • Dont let your battery drop till the last bar
I forgot to charge my tab once few days after I bought it (so many troubles happened just few days after I bought yaa, yaaahh, those were the lessons for me :P). And the tab was totally dead. I charged it and it didnt come back to me. I though I should let it go and report to the Service Centre. Suddenly after 2 days charging, after my desperation, my fried tried charge it in his office and it back. Damn it..suffered my life :D. Since the day, I always check the percentage of the battery. (psstt,,it happened agein twice because of my reckless checking the battery).

  • If you are not a risktaker,  dont check the option for UnKnown Source
In the Setting --> Application, there is an option to allow the Unknown Source for your tablet. It lets you can accept, donwload and install applications for any source beside the official Android Market. When you check this, then no filter and no responsibility from Samsung for the loosing data or crash becaused of the app. I checked it baby ..and I lost whole data once when I installed an app which crashed the system -___-. Fortunately the tab is ok now after recovery in Samsung Center :D. If you ask me now Do I checked again the option?? Yes, I checked it again. hahaha.

  • Confuse with djvu file??
In Samsung Galaxy Tab 7'+, you got some basic app in order you dont need to browse and install the basic needed such as Pollaris Office, Pulse (I dont like this app, it;s useless for me but I cant uninstall it),  Adobe Flash Player, Social Hub, and also my fav one Ebook. As a bookworm, this is my fav app, you can just put the ebook file in any folder and when you open it, it;s automatically saved in the book shelf of ebook. I downloaded my fav books and there was no problem till I found djvu file for the ebook. You must download the Ebookdroid to open it, easy and all djvu and pdf file will appear on the folder :)

My fav one "ebook"

  • It can be a modem easily
Yaaah, it;s so easy if I know the way from first. In fact, I had to tinkering the tab times and times till I found the key. One of my friend said I must install some driver for it, but you wont get any drivers packed in the box. You just can get the driver by download it on Samsung official site. The driver is for sync everything. You dont need it for our modem intention, just go to Setting --> Wireless and Network --> Thethering and Portable Hotspot -->USB Thethering (tick this option). Done. Dont forget connect the USB cable before thethering.

Oopss...1 hour late to go home, I must stop typing. Other time I'll post the must installed apps on your tablet. And fyi, Android is cool. Why I bought Samsung not Ipad?? Because it much more functional for me than a brand (no hurt feeling for Ipad users, Apple is awesome but I;m a realist :)).

The End of My Blog

I've posted before about the error of my blog;s lay out caused by the photobucket's hijack. It freaks me out and I;ve browsed so many times to find the solusion. Last nite finally I read about the same problem happened to other bloggers. It happened because I used image from someone;s photobucket and perhaps it has deleted on his account. It;s just simple if I know which image causes the trouble, delete it, and woohoo..your blog will be ok. But I dont know how to find it, and a bit or bigger lazyness of mine make it harder to find the error image. While I'm checking the images, suddenly I found an option to block the images from photobucket to display on my blog. I checked it and abrakadabra....the trouble is gone. Unfortunatelly, it also taken whole images related to photobucket away...hahahaha,..,include my template's background. Oh my;s not so easy as I though.

So, let's use the instant way. I must release my favorite template away :(. Here we are  my new blog appearance. Cute isnt it, though I still think that my old template is the best.

still cant use some my old widgets to this new look -__- 

The Smurfs and Secret

Yeay...wekeend ,,,goin nowhere, so it was my happy time to spent the time watching my DVDs which missing me much ;)

Hohoho..what movies we had this weekend?? Browsing a bag of my DVD;s i choosed The Smurfs and Secret  for this weekend movies.

The Smurfs

The Smurfs
This blue movie ( i mean the story is about blue creatures :P) is a kinda standard movie of Holluwood I think, where the bad whitch chases after the good people or creatures. So the story is about Gargamel who is very obsessed to catch The Smurfs, he makes chaos in the smurf;s village and run after them through the portal arrived at NewYork where they met human. Very cliche isnt it. Yah,,,it's a very common movie to entertain you and I was entertained :)

My most interest in this movie is "Barney" from How I Met Your Mother and "Emma"from Glee serial is being couple in this movie. I was very curious to see them in a screen. And the result ..I felt weird to see Barney not as a playboy .,,lol. Perhaps it;s because my brain has been capturing his image in HIMYM strongly or because he cant release his role from the serial (?) , My second opinion is appeared because I can accept Emma's role without I must imagining her as a higienity obsessed teacher in Glee. Yah...the point is..I enjoy Neil Patrick Harris as a Barney The Awesome Playboy more than he is as a very Homy Man :)

This is an unforgetable movie ever, I'm telling you now, I loveeee this movie so much. Love Jay Chou,,haha
At the first and even the half of this movie, you will think this is a very common Asian movie, which the boy will fall in love at the first sight with the girl, the girl is sick and there is another girl who loves the boy. Yeaaa, kinda like that.But I;m totally wrong, my detective's instinc is defeated. -____-

Of course the story begin from the boy who just moved to the music school, and then fall in love at the first sight with the girl who is playing piano in the old music's room. The girl loves him back, but very mysterious, she comes and goes suddenly. And one day the girl gone for a long time, just back on the graduation day to see the boy who promised to play her a piano song and then she goes again.
And this is the story begin...when the boy asks his friends where the girl gone, the girl who always with him at school,the girl who danced with him in the dance party. His friends astonish because they never see that girl, they even told taht he danced alone in the party. Very curiousss yaaaa..... 

I dont wanna tell u all what is the end, who is the girl or whether she is real or not. This movie reminds me the clip of Letto where a boy imagine a girl while his friends doesnt see anything at all. But infact, they are different, my analysis went wrong again :P *shame*

All i feel was being in another atmosphere when I saw this movie, the music is very beautiful, the view aswell. Remind me the athmosphere of Lake House movie (both the Korean and West version). Make me crazy wanna mastering piano *dream a very big dream T__T* and make me suddenly love Jay chou again..ahahaha, 2nd fall in love with u Jay after saw u in The Green Hornet, you are very cool play that piano ;). Unforgetable movie I love having secret,.,,as I love being woman...because 

Secret makes woman woman  ~quote from Detective Conan~ 

writing this while raining is outside
again rain brings u inspiration :) (sok penting ya,nulis resensi film aja pake isnpirasi..nyooohh)
pics source Secret and The Smurfs

Map of My Trips

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